Museum Interactive

Customizable Holocaust Education Software

Present and customize Holocaust education materials, which can be used on a variety of platforms including Chromebooks and smart phones.

Holocaust Education Products

Software that allows you to customize your student's Holocaust education experience.


Completely web-based - no software to install.


Allows your students to use their favorite device - their phones! - to engage with your customized lesson plan.


Connectivity to other software tools commonly used in classroom environments.

Integration of AI products

AI products are deeply integrated into Museum Interactive's tools.


Help write lesson plans, exercises and testing content such as multiple-choice and critical thinking questions.


Use AI to generate audio voice-overs for better material engagement and to assist sight-impaired students.


Produce content for students that are more comfortable with languages that aren't English.

Built for Learning

Customized learning materials become a general education resource.


Link from materials in the app out to resources on the Internet.


Bookmark content for future reference.


Apps are 'network failure' resistent - important in classrooms with intermittent network connectivity.

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