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Custom Tour Applications

Our proprietary AI-driven technology pipeline allows us to create custom, engaging tour applications in a fraction of the time and cost normally involved.


Generative AI narration transforms plain text into natural, professional spoken narration.


Lifelike and emotive sounding voices with natural intonations and resonance based on contextual awareness of the content being read.

On Demand

Museum Interactive uses the latest AI technology to easily create and quickly revise narrated scripts.


Narrating educational materials was previously thought to be too complex and expensive and time consuming.

Hear a sample.


Professional quality translation with unparalleled accuracy and cost savings.


Critical for making learning easier for those whose primary language is not English.


Translating educational materials into another language used to be costly, requiring specialized personnel and processes.


Museum Interactive leverages the latest and best AI technology, used by businesses and governments, to produce extremely accurate translations in any one of 30 languages.

Read-along Highlighting

Read along highlighting allow you to follow the speaker for accuracy in both content and meaning.


Encourages exploration since the user can quickly 'find their place' again.


Promotes involvement as the user reads along with the narration. Helps comprehension as the user can refer to the original script for phrase context.


Allows hearing-impaired users to engage fully with the source material.

Topic-specific ChatGPT

Topic-limited ChatGPT allows users to query about subject matter in a free-form and open-ended manner.


Seamlessly integrated. Accessible directly from the app.


Ask original questions, select from a preset list or customize a preset for maximum flexibility.


Expand on content that appears in the app. Ask ChatGPT to describe material in the app in greater detail. For instance, "tell me more about this picture I'm looking at".

Exceptional flexibility

Can be used in different environments.


Apps can be used for self-guided museum tours or general education.


Apps can be configured to target multiple audiences, such as adults, older teens and pre-teens.


Apps can be configured to be multi-lingual to address visitors who come from a multi-lingual background.

Built for Learning

Goes beyond a guided tour app to become a general education resource.


Link from materials in the app out to resources on the Internet.


Bookmark content for future reference.


Apps are 'network failure' resistent - important in exhibition spaces with intermittent network connectivity.

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